Pig Roast Drop-Off

Harvest Specialty Catering provides the inspiration and services you need. How about something a little different? Try a pig roast! A word about our fine swine:
General rule of thumb: one pound of pig (live weight) per person. This will yeild about a half pound of meat per guest. The pricing below reflects this as number of people equals approximate live weight. Please note it is not possible to obtain a piglet less than 30 pounds, and often difficult to source animals below 50 pounds.             * Minimum Two Week Lead Time *


Pig Roast Drop-Off

Fine Swine Prepared and Delivered, Carving NOT included.

$12.99/person [41 - 50 people]

$11.99/person [51 - 75 people]

$10.99/person [76 - 100 people]

$9.49/person [101 - 125 people]

$7.99/person [126 - 150 people]

$6.49/person [151 + people]

Harvest Specialty Catering

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